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by Thiago de Moraes
This is no ordinary atlas. The maps in History Atlas are packed with kings, queens, heroes, villains, inventors, artists and explorers. Travel from Ancient Egypt and Rome to…
by Kevin Crossley-Holland & Chris Riddell
Enter the enthralling world of Arthurian legend in this definitive retelling. The timeless tales of the sword in the stone, the knights of the…
by Marcia Williams
When 10-year-old Archie Albright is given a scrapbook for his birthday in April 1914, he thinks he’ll fill it with comics, souveniers and funny…
by Emma Adams & James Weston Lewis illustrator
In 1666, London’s citizens woke to see the skyline above their city’s cramped wooden houses ablaze. Illustrated by James Weston Lewis, the events of…
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