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It turns out that we learn more if we hear things in a story.

This insight is very helpful for us as we develop the curriculum.

To enhance our students’ knowledge, retention, and abilities in all subjects, we should seek out excellent texts. This website is dedicated to recommending stories and texts that can support teaching in every subject.

We have identified some outstanding texts, demonstrated their connections to the national curriculum programmes of study, drafted some outline plans, and pulled together important vocabulary for each unit. Using stories in the curriculum helps to bridge the gap and make it more inclusive for all students, and can be used by those who start with lower proficiency levels. According to research from the University of Sussex’s ‘faster reading’ project, all students improved their reading comprehension, with low-attaining pupils making nearly twice the progress of their peers. So, let’s get cracking using fantastic stories to benefit all our students! If you are interested in learning more about the impact of reading, check out Gayle Fletcher and Lauren Haines discussing their school’s experience with Rachel Higginson. You can also watch headteacher Karl Duke’s video clip, where he explains how he has developed a reading-focused curriculum to ensure that students have access to high-quality texts throughout their academic journey.
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