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Wild in the City: A Guide To Urban Animals Around The World - Kate Baker & Gianluca Foli - Book Cover

Wild in the City: A Guide To Urban Animals Around The World

by Kate Baker & Gianluca Foli

Discover the secret lives of more than 30 extraordinary creatures that share our cities. From red foxes sneaking rides on London buses to leopards prowling the backstreets of Mumbai, this book explores the clever ways animals have adapted to the urban environment and explains how you can help protect your wild neighbors. Travel from city to city across six different continents to meet some of these amazing animals.

There are tips on where and when you might see them, what signs to look for, and how you can help make our cities more nature-friendly places. You’ll also see the conservation status of each animal, from the species of least concern to those that are endangered.

Programme of Study

Pupils should be taught to:

  • describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences
  • identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution

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